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Adventure Quest is a Role Playing Gaming System that allows you and your friends to adventure on a far-off worlds and in strange places.  Each Adventure Quest game is set in a particular genre, whether it be a medieval fantasy world, the far reaches of outer space, or a post-holocaust North America.  You create an adventurer, an alternative persona whom you direct as they live and die in there far distant lands.   Adventure Quest is designed to be fast paced, easy system which stresses the role-playing element of the game by minimizing the mechanics of die roles, rules and complexities.

  Adventure Quest - Jaern grew out of a role-playing campaign that has been played on every Saturday night since December of 1976.  It started as a small group of friends role-playing, and over the years the rules grew and changed.  It became apparent that something less primitive was needed.  Over the first few years of the 80's, most of this rule set was conceived and written down.  To date, over 1250 sessions have been run within this same campaign.


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- May 17, 2010 - Version 2.31 of AQEDIT is ready for download. Read the changes file in the program directory for bug fixes and new features.

- Apr 24, 2010 - Version 2.29 of AQEDIT is ready for download. New bug fixes and performance enhancements.

- Feb 6, 2010 NEW Background replacement is ready. The NOMAD background has been rewritten with a lot of new and exciting material. Download the newest manual from here!

- Dec 13, 2009 Maintinace releas 2.20 of AQEDIT fixes some problems with the backup changed actors command, and makes some other minor fixes.

- Nov 11, 2009 New version 2.19 of AQEDIT is ready for download. Loads of new features and bug fixes. Reference screens called up with the <F2> key list game topics, charts, elemental and divine spell descriptions. Enhanced backup/restore commands make running one campaign with multiple computers easier.

- Sep 12, 2009 Mew Vwesion 2.12 of AQEDIT is available for download. New command for tracking actors, adventurers and creatures is available for GMs. Menu structure reorginized.

- Aug 28 New version 2.11 of AQEDIT! Online Reference screens for Rules topics and all spell and drill descriptions are displayed when hitting <F2>. Many fixes and enhancements.

- Aug 22 New Adventure Quest/Jaern Manual is available for download. New creatures, modified spells and skills.

- June 15 New information about the gaming club hosting the Official Adventure Quest/Jaern campaign has been posted. Come and adventure with the people whom created the game!!

-Feb 24, 2009 A Preliminary version of MicroEMACS 5.0 is available for download. Hit the MicroEMACS button to go to that page.

-Feb 1, 2009 Extensive editing to the web site over the next few weeks. Please be patient.

-June 9, 2007 Version 2.05 of AQEDIT ready for download. Lots of bug fixes. Backup/restore should be stal. Using Access 2007 runtime. Download from the AQEDIT page.

Nov 9, 2007     Version 2.02 of AQEDIT is ready. New free Microsoft Access 2007 runtime allows for much easier installation and use. Download from the AQEDIT page.