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In an effort to make Adventure Quest/Jaern more accessable to more people, I have decided the manual available for download over the internet to people wanting to try it out, or players needed a reference manual. I will continue to make edits and additions and will maintain this page to provide the current version of the manual.

I would suggest downloading this PDF, printing it on a DUPLEX printer, 3 hole punching it and putting it in a 2" 3 ring binder. Also I am providing the original cover art that you can print out and place at the beginning of the manual. Also, because of how the generation system creates this manuscript (it is heavily database driven) the table of contents is at the end of the file.

Download the cover art here:

Cover Art

The cover for Adventure Quest/Jaern was painted by Terry Pavlet. Check his web site at hausofdesign.com for more of his work and to contact him for any of your illistration or graphic design needs.

Look through the Adventure Quest/Jaern art galleries here:

Art Galleries

The internal artwork was mostly penned by Sean Cannon(dodger). Well, I am currently looking for his web site. I will post a link here as soon as I find him.

Download the ADVENTURE QUEST/JAERN manual here:

Terms of Use:

Adventure Quest/Jaern is provided, as is, for the sole personal use of the downloader. The manuscript may be printed for the downloader's use, but it may not be resold, copied or duplicated for profit. The manuscript may not be posted for download on any other web site, nor made availible in way that allows the user to garner profit.

Click on this button to view the Adventure Quest/Jaern manual. Right Click on this button to download the Adventure Quest/Jaern manual to your PC.

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